We believe that all women going through IVF procedure should have easy access to the latest and proven treatment methods.

We believe that too many women nowadays experience failed IVF cycles, have to accept donor eggs or even give up their deep desire for a child.

We believe that every woman have the right to take her IVF treatment into her hands and influence its course and its outcome.

We believe that best technology available today should be used to make every dream of having family come true.

Our platform provides individual treatment plans that you can apply in any IVF clinic, leading to high quality eggs.

1Dramatically cut number of your IVF cycles

2Avoid necessity of donor eggs – have truly your child

3Spare your health, time and money

How it helps you

While standard IVF treatment procedures may work well for some women, there is a huge number who just don’t get results they hope for and work hard to get. SIMPLER DECISION helps you in several ways.

3Increases quality
of your eggs  

The quality of embryo is almost completely (likely, around 95%) a reflection of the egg and much less so (ca.5%) of the sperm**. SIMPLE DECISION focuses on what matters the most.

1Decreases your emotional stress

Harward study found that women dealing with infertility felt as anxious or depressed as those diagnosed with cancer. SIMPLER DECISION aims at minimising deep emotional effects of IVF by making it dramatically more successful. *

4Decreases number
of cycles

Clinical research proved that cancellation rate drops 8 times, number of mature oocytes increased  2x and fertilisation rate doubles when using special personalised treatment plans, mainly for women over 40 or those with poor response to standard protocols***.

2Protects your relationship

Being it marriage or partnership, infertility impacts every relationship, most especially romantic part of it. Sexual stress, disagreements on when to seek help, whether to tell to other people, fear that your partner will leave and financial strains are some of the impacts we help to minimise and soften.

5Saves your valuable time

Don’t waste your time and go for the most advanced treatment directly.

* Wall of Hope, Barcelona 2018, Fertility Europe,

** Center for Human Reproduction, Dr. Norbert Gleicher, March 16, 2018,

*** ANDRO-IVF: a novel protocol for poor responders to IVF controlled ovarian stimulation, JBRA Assist Reprod. 2018 Jan-Mar; 22(1): 52–55.

How it works

You are unique and complex and SIMPLER DECISION takes into account your specific conditions and matches them with the most effective treatment procedure science can offer to you.


Provide data
about yourself

Don’t worry, you don’t have to fill in long questionnaires, we’ll take you through this process in a way you prefer respecting your time and privacy.


Get individualised personal
treatment plan

Rest assured, it’s based on years of scientific research done by world best embryologist and doctors, proven by clinical results, processed and delivered to you by latest technologies.


Choose IVF clinic
near you

Most of the clinics accept SIMPLER DECISION treatment plans and if in a rare situation your clinic doesn’t, let us know and we’ll help you find a clinic for you.


Get treated
and follow the process

Let your embryologist or doctor in a clinic of your preference review, update and confirm your personalised treatment plan, then follow the process as outlined by your clinic.


Share your results
to help others

Your treatment plan is designed to make your dream come true in a much better and faster way than standard treatments, doubling the pregnancy rate for example.

Guarantee program just to make sure you are in a good hands

However, it is not a magic and may not work every time. Here is your guarantee. If you don’t get pregnant within 2 attempts, all the remaining plans are on us.

Create your plan

Just tell us about your self, and we’ll reach out to create the individualised plan for you.
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